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Review my service offerings and call or email for more information about how I can best serve your needs. I have been involved with water & waste water treatment, and process equipment for the past 40 years.

My experience runs from operations & maintenance, to management of a national remedial & sludge handling group. I offer this same expertise to you and your company As an outsource or staff employee.

Being There

What sets us apart
You and I both know that service is the cornerpost of our industry, my motto for years has been ôService your old customers and the new ones will beat a path to your door." I can handle your overload as a private contractor or come onto your staff. No need to worry about finding enough qualified people to get projects started up or performance runs completed. With relatively low hourly rates I can be the spare man. Call me in when you need me I am ready to travel send me to the house when we are done.

The first rule on service is to listen. Listen to the operators, engineers, and the equipment.




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Bachman WTP Dallas, TX
Odor Control Unit in South Texas
Mixer in South Carolina