Where My Services Can Fit In

During my time in the industry I have worked on & trained personnel on many different types of equipment in the Water & Waste Water field primarily dewatering equipment: Belt Press, Plate Press, Thermal Drier, Centrifuge, Vacuum Filter, Rotary Thickener etc. But also UV Disinfection Horizontal and Vertical systems and pretty much anything you might find in the Water & Waste Water industry.

        A highlight of my experience was six years with the Ralph B. Carter Co. of Hackensack N.J. I provided service, start-up, & training on all of Carter’s equipment throughout North America. This equipment included Perth gas circulation systems (scumbusters) Digester covers & Gas Holders (floating & fixed) Sludge heating systems (Carter Streem Heet and Iron Fireman) Plunger Pumps, Pneumatic Sewage ejectors, Flocculation Systems, PC Pumps, Trickling Filters, and Dewatering Systems. I offer this same expertise to you and your company As an outsource or staff employee.

      We all know that service is the cornerpost of our industry, my motto for years has been “Service your old customers and the new ones will beat a path to your door." Now where do my services fit in? I can handle your overload as a private contractor or come onto your staff. No need to worry about finding enough qualified people to get projects started up or performance runs completed. With relatively low hourly rates I can be the spare man. Call me in when you need me I am ready to travel send me to the house when we are done.

       Enough for now thanks for reading this far, following is a quick resume with a few references if more details are needed please contact me. I have also included a draft service agreement for informational purposes.

Bachman WTP Dallas, TX
Windsor, CA UV Facility
Projects keeping me busy
Laredo, TX. Pico WTP
City of Houston